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What is Call To Action

What is Call To Action (CTA)

“Click me, click me!” – they call… How often can you see phrases that call you to make something on the website? They call you to do action: to click, to buy, to see more or register. The point of those phrases is to let your customers know where they must click and what will […]

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What content marketing can do for grow your business

What content marketing can do to grow your business

“Content marketing is a long-term relationship. It’s not one night stand.” The content posted on a website is a very important factor for SEO and for which it categorized as the kind of positioning. However this influence can be both positive and negative, everything depends on the use to be given to this valuable resource. […]

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How To Shorten a URL

Do you know how you can shorten URLs ? What are exactly the shortened URL? Or, What is the URL shortener or tools to shorten links and add special advertising on it? In this article, you will find the answer these questions. You will know how to shorten a URL and how you can take advantage […]

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20 Best Advertising Quotes

There is one great way to learn new things – listening to people who have huge knowledge and experience in their field. You can find so may inspirations by reading what they’re saying. We collect 20 quotes about advertising that will inspire you to improve your business. Some are funny, some useful. You can find […]

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