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The power of social networks and email marketing for e-commerce purchases

Many companies are realizing the importance of social networks and email marketing. And for this reason, lots of them are already engaged in e-commerce than the traditional. Every day we can see the birth of new online store. Not everyone will improve. Most of them won’t even be noticed! What can you do to protect your business? 

Although experts still debate about the true impact of social networks on e-commerce sales, you have to admit that manufacturers are investing in social channels to build an email base or base of loyal fans to interact with.

The customer’s loyalty is a treasure for e-commerce. The loyal and mature client will return to your store to buy new things. that’s why you must coming ahead with his needs. How? By being with him.

Social media – we like it!

Proper management of social networks can bring great benefits to your business. It can attract visitors, convert visitors into customers, retain them, provide a personalized service.

Don’t forget that your buyers are regular social network users. That means you have to integrate your business with social media sites to prevent being forgotten. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… there are just examples of social network family. Thanks for them all you can interact with your customers and just be for then any time they need you. The good opinion is necessary to build a loyal audience.

But there are also other reasons to be in social media. Do you know that you can also use Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram to sell your products? We will show you two tips you can use social media to sales.

Facebook and the carousel ads – a good way to promote your offer!

You have a great store with the best products ever. Why don’t you show them to the world? In a very simple way, you can earn money and gain new followers.

Carousel ad in Facebook is a type of advertising where you can add 5 images with links to your offer. Each one picture can link directly to the product, so you can show 5 different items in one ad. This is the cheap option, very well work, perfect for e-commerce.

Pinterest – repin your products to inspire your customers.

Do you have a furniture shop? Are you a develop, or an architect? Or maybe you have a clothing store? Pinterest is the heaven for you! You must only show your items in the beautiful, inspiring way.

Customers do not buy only for practical reasons. They want to feel the benefits of owning the products. In many ways, they love to feel better and more attractively. That’s why you should present your items like the lifestyle.

Place your products into situations that make good memories. Great party, holidays, hanging out with best friends, traveling… and your product in the center of fun. Customers will associate your stuff with great moments.

Added to this, sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram become reservoirs of ideas for shopping, recommendations, wish lists, and anything that might be of interest to users and potential buyers. Today, mobile consumers used to shopping online, so most often consider their smartphones as their primary marketing tool.

Knock knock – we are in your mailbox!

What could be better than a pure marketing information in the mail inbox of your client? Thanks for email marketing you can send information of promotions, ask clients to stay with you and make them they will return to the basket they left couple days ago.

Yes, email marketing is one of the best ways to offer your products directly to your customers. Even better than the huge billboard and the loudest advertising on TV. Someone who already signed up to your newsletter is much more interested in buying your products. And in that way – is easier to encourage him to buy.

Great – you say – but how to build an email base of your customers? We know how to do it. Pssst, listen…

…they love gifts!

The best way to encourage them for signing up for your newsletter is to offer your clients something for free. “Free” is the key. It can be for example a discount in your store or a small gift. Just to say “welcome”. It can be also a free ebook, access to interesting content or a webinar. Anything that can be useful for your client.

You must remember about special days. Like birthday. Even if your client didn’t buy anything for a long time, small discount can encourage to visit your e-shop and buy a gift himself.

Customize the message

The next important tip – add the name of your customer in the header and make him feels special. It works, really! In that way, you target the message to the person individually. People want to establish relationships with other people – not companies.

Content, content, content.

The other way to use email marketing in growing base of loyal customers is to educate them. You should know that nothing builds a strong connection with your customers better than original content. Think about that how would your customers respond if they knew an original podcast came out, for example, every week?

Original content like videos, blog posts, audio segments and e-books help you to build your e-commerce site as a knowledge base for those interested in learning more about your firm.

And the last but not least – keep consequence in your marketing content – both in social network and email marketing. Use the same graphic style to inform your customers about actions or new arrivals. That makes your business looks solid.