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How To Shorten a URL

Do you know how you can shorten URLs ? What are exactly the shortened URL? Or, What is the URL shortener or tools to shorten links and add special advertising on it? In this article, you will find the answer these questions. You will know how to shorten a URL and how you can take advantage of some online tools to shorten links, reduce links to Twitter and other social networks or the advantages of using a custom URL shortener.

What is Short Link?

If you are an active user of social networks like Facebook, Google+ and especially Twitter, you may have noticed that many of the links are shared as a Short Link. They are attractive and much shorter than it is usually a link version.

Even if there is no problem sharing your last post with the original link, the Short Link would look better than your very long URL. It’s very useful when you use Twitter because you have only 140 characters to explain your idea. If you share the long URL, you would have no enough space to say anything else. That is the essence about short links.

What is Get Spread IT and how to use Spread Link?

Get Spread IT is a tool that can transform links or web addresses long in others much shorter, greatly reducing the number of characters of such links and – in addition – add the advertising on the top or bottom bar. So when you want to share an interesting article in social media, you can also show your friends and users the advertising that links to your website.

How To Shorten a URL

When you want to use Spread Link, first you must create it.

1. Copy the URL of the website you want to share and paste it in the special place in our application like in the screen below.

How To Shorten a URL

2. Then choose if you want to add the ad of bottom or top bar. Next type the text of your advertising and the URL of the website you want to link for. Then choose the color of background and text. Click Create and your Spread Link is ready to copy and spread it on the Internet.

You can share your link by our Social Media buttons or by copy your Spread Link and paste on whenever you want or send it in the private message. 

How To Shorten a URL

Benefits of using Spread Links

The truth is that this tool is used for many more things that only shorten URL to share on social networks. It would help you to grow your small business without any dollar of budget. We can even say that it is the perfect tool for growth hacking! No budget until 1000 clicks, the free ad on any website you want just by sharing content.

There is no difference if you have a small or huge business if you are Growth Hacker, Professional Marketer or Start Up creator – you can use your Short Links and Spread free ads on Socials!

Shortly, using Spread Link allow you to:

  • Save the number of characters in your posts on different social networks;
  • Add the special advertising with CTA on your Short Link to show the world how cool you are;
  • Knowing metrics such as clicks and views;
  • Schedule from these platforms your posts on different social networks; etc.

Do you like it? Start with creating a free account!