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Content Marketing and Social Media – 6 Steps to the Best Results in Your Business

Content Marketing and Social Media – 6 Steps to the Best Results in Your Business

If you want to enhance your social engagement, you should read this 5 actions, that will help you in content, social and marketing strategy.

1. Define your audience

That’s the first point in a good digital marketing. Either you use social media, email marketing or content marketing, you should know your public. To define it use: gender, age, business type, study level etc. Create ideal “persona” and imagine how it would behave. You don’t use official language to teenagers, don’t you? Or you don’t say “hey ya!” to your business partner.

Creating your “persona” include its behavior. Which social network it uses, what are it’s problems that you can solve, what it does during free time etc. The more details the better.

2. Create interesting content

Once you know your “persona”, you need to catch its attention. The best way to do it is to use interesting and shareable content. Be the expert, bring your audience the useful content.

Write more than 1500 words in your text. Use images or video. Use CTAs. Make your article easy to read, shareable and good looking. Split your text to small parts to make it more readable. Use clear and sans-serif fonts.

Remember that your content must be also Google-friendly. Use keywords (but not too many!) and alts under your pics.

3. Distribute to your audience

As you have your article ready, you must show it to the word. Social media is the first way to do it. One small click “share” makes it easy to become viral. Next, you can send a newsletter to your subscribers with the newest blog posts.

4. Create a mailing list and do email marketing

Your subscribers are your best audience. If they sign up to your list that means they want to hear from you. Don’t let them down! At least once per month send them newsletter with interesting content, your newest posts, your promotions or other news that are interesting.

5. Analyze it

How can you know if your actions are effective? By using analysis. It shows you which topic feeds better, what time your audience reads your texts or which links clicks most. By knowing this data you can make your next article more customized to the audience.

6. Use smart trick

Do Growth Hacking sound similar? I guess so!

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