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4 Ways to Use Growth Hacking in Your Business

If you are a startUper, it can be more than sure that you have not enough budget to promote your small business. Many people jump to conclusion that good promoting should be expensive. We know that there are solutions that are smarter, cheaper and better by far. They will grow your business fast. Those solutions have one common name: Growth Hacking.

The essence of Growth Hacking

To clarify what Growth Hacking exactly is, we have to look on that term in the full picture. Growth Hacking is a marketing technique that gains more traffic on your website using different resolution from traditional advertising. Growth Hackers are using free platforms like social media (Facebook, Twitter are the most famous ones), video websites (like YouTube or Vimeo) blogs (WordPress, Blogger), email marketing providers (there are lots of free trials or free plans on many of email marketing platforms) or other ways of advertising, like Get Spread IT.

Four ways of using Growth Hacking

Taking into account your audience, we recommend the 4 different ways of promoting your business by using Growth Hacking techniques.

1. Social Media

It’s one of the most popular channel nowadays. More and more companies are starting their personal communication with fans and customers, making it easy and simple to connect. So having a social profile is a must that let you follow the trends and be a competitor to other companies.

If you want to grow your business using socials, you should follow those rules:

  • Always respond to your fans, even if they are angry and want to make you a mess. Staying silent or responding only to the good comments makes you unbelievable.
  • Use language of your audience. If you own skates’ eCommerce, it doesn’t fit to use formal language. Otherwise if you own a B2B company – in this situation using slang is a big faux-pas.
  • Use only legal graphics in your posts. Being sure you have all rights to the picture is necessary to save your company from unexpected problems. If you saw a great photo, ask the author to allows you to use it on your social channel or you can just share the original post on your social profile.
  • If you can, use a little budget. Promoting your fanpage or posts doesn’t cost so much but it can gain some new fans.

To improve your social profile, you can use also social media applications. Facebook implements a great tool that helps in the eCommerce market – the Shop tab:


It would increase purchases even if you don’t have a huge eCommerce platform.

2. Content marketing

As people say – content is the king. And I agree on that. The good quality content can make a miracle. It is also one of the cheapest ways of marketing – because you don’t always need to attend to conferences or to have big presentations around the world. If you just make a good and helpful content – people will find you themselves.

To make it useful prepare articles, guides or dictionaries, how-to texts, lists of links or FAQs. If you want to make it more engaging, you can use video or infographics between the paragraphs. Are you an expert at the one area? Use your knowledge and write a review or a test results.

To distribute your content, create a blog. It may be your company blog or your own one. By delivering the qualitative articles you will influence on your audience, directing them to your company website.

If you feel good at writing and you are sure that your content is really good, try to write guestposts in plenty of magazines. It will gain more new visitors on your website.

3. Email marketing

The good old email marketing… even though it has existed for years, we can’t see the decrease in using emails. However, people use emails even more often. And email marketing providers offer you good products in a competitive price. If your mailing list isn’t so huge, you can use some software for free!

If you want to use email marketing to grow your business, remember that:

  • You must get a permission to send emails to your recipients
  • You’d better avoid sending your emails to addresses that look like info@… or office@…, because it may be treated like a spam
  • In your emails you have to put unsubscribe link
  • To make your message more effective, use visible Call To Action buttons and readable text fonts
  • Make your template good-looking and clear for your recipients, don’t write too much text
  • Use catchy subject line and preheader
  • To have better results, segment your email base and personalize your emails

Remember that proper using email marketing can bring you a great return on investment.

4. A new method of advertising

How about advertising. But not the classic one. Let’s talk about less popular ways to use ads on your content that you share.

If we collect together all the previous Growth Hacking ways to improve your business, there is one thing that connect all of them – a link.

You share interesting articles on your social profile by using links, you send your recipients emails with links. You even put links on your articles. And the link makes your website visible. The advertising, I am talking about, makes your links even more effective. Just imagine – you found a great article on the one of the most popular web magazine. What do you do? Usually, you just share that link in your social  media channels. But what about putting on the link a little advert, just for free? Get Spread IT lets you add any text and CTA to any link you share.

Let’s imagine another situation. You are sending emails to your subscribers. On the template you put some links to your blog posts and some to sign up form. If you want to increase the number of new accounts, by using Get Spread IT application you can add an advertisement with sign up CTA. Just like in the example below:


Easy, isn’t it? So don’t hesitate and sign up to Get Spread IT. It will be always a free Get Spread IT plan.

Still not sure about it? See the DEMO.


There is no point in spending a lot of money to promote something. You must agree on the statement that Growth Hacking is one of the best and the cheapest ways to promote your startUp. The only resource that you have to spend on this is your time and energy. If you comply with those smart and easy tricks, you will be absolutely sure that it is a good choice.