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How to increase web traffic by sharing third-party content

We all know how important it is to get traffic to a website. It is the blood that nourishes what you are creating. Without visits is difficult to continue writing, unless you write for the sheer pleasure of writing. And yet, sure you’d like content to drive traffic. Usually, more people, the better.

There are three main ways by which traffic is channeled to a web in a natural way (especially at the beginning), without having to buy it with, for example, adwords, twitter or facebook ads:

Organic, natural traffic : Whoever comes will be well positioned in search engines, but weall know what it takes to get or just approaching the top positions for a specific keyword that can send us significant number of visits. It’s easy to improve  SEO on Page, but gaining authority, and quality links is hard, and you are competing against big boys on every keyword you try to target. It’s definitely worth to do it, but it’s hard, skilled works involved. And you still can’t be sure, if everything you’ve build won’t go away overnight, when the new Google animal rolls out.

Direct Traffic : Whoever comes to you typing your name or brand is considered direct visitor. Similarly, it is a constant and long – term work, which is required to generate branding. Mainly imposible in some markets.

Traffic through Social Media : can generate many visits, but there you have to go, create community and be actually active in them. A good idea is to create a Fan Page on Facebook, but still you need to produce lot of contents to attract atention.

Get traffic to your web by sharing third-party content

Today another way to get free traffic that will help your SEO and is almost free, is to use our tool. will generate a “call to action” in the content that you share from third parties.

What are advantages? You don’t have to produce content by yourself, you just need to find content that might interrest people in your niche, and build social media community around that, positioning yourself as an expert in your area.

What is is an interesting tool that works as a URL shortener with functionality that allows you to  incorporate a message in the content you share, with a link to where you want, for example, to your website.

Thus who read the content you’re sharing can access your website to see your articles. So you’ll increase traffic to your site gaining visitors who would otherwise not have known you.

Of course best way to do it is with quality content that is closely related to one that you post.

As you can see below the picture, the icon appears, with my image and the “call to action” that I designed. Clicking on it, you access the url you have chosen as your blog, article, landing page, etc.

In this case, all who feel attracted and want to see about SpreadIt will be directed to my blog, and they will see the articles I published.

How to create spread link.

To create an embedded in another page with SpreadMaker, l message, there are three basic components:

  • The page you are sharing in which you want your message to appear.
  • The message you want to appear on the page.
  • The call to action for conversion (who click on your link) occurs.

Thus, when the three steps complete will generate a link . This link shows the content you’ve chosen to share with your message embedded within it. It ‘st he same content, but with the presence of your brand.

How do I configure it to attract web traffic?

The process of creating a spreadlink is very straighforward .No have to download any plugin or download any software. And, although there is a paid version, you can do it all on free one.

The first thing you have to do is go to the home page, clicking on this link.

If this is the first time you use it, paste link to an article, that you’d like your ads to apear on If you have already registered , press down on ” Login “.

On the next screen you can register in two ways:

  • Login with your Twitter or Facebook or
  • Refilling your name, email address and password

And that’s it, you have created account.


In the screen below you have all the control panel of the tool. There you will see the Spradlinks you’ve been creating and clicks that they had, among other functions. And that’s where you can create the link to the call to action you want.

To do this you have to go upstairs to ” Create Spreadlink ” in blue. A screen like this, which is where you’ll create  spreads.

Now the steps are:

1- “Enter a URL” : The first box is the URL of the page you want to share (not your site). For example, content that is closely related to your site. So you can attract highly qualified traffic to your blog.

2- “Call to Action” : Type the message you’re going to be here. It is the call to action so users feel attracted and make “click” on the button. As you can see I have put (in this case) ” If you like the Digital Marketing, look at these posts!“. Customize your message.

3- “Button Text ” The text you want to appear on the button. It is a call to action, a booster at the previous one . And where do you explain what they will find. In this case, users know they will find items of digital marketing.

4- “Button URL” : This is where you have to put the landing page, where you’re going to lead those who pressed the button. The can take your “Home”, an article in particular, the section of the blog, to a landing page to your page, etc.

5- “SpreadIt!” : Tapping the blue button, it will generate a shortened link of the page or content you want to share (Bitly type). UTM’s for Google Analytics are already included.

Strategies you can do with Get Spread IT!

The use of embedded messages in third-party content allows different strategies for your blog, website, e-commerce, etc. Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t abuse any rights, and that the content should be very relevant and related to users.

Increased traffic to your site

As you saw before, it is easy to attract users to your website. A good way is to choose content closely related to the different users who want to capture value. The most active users will you usually be on:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+ Communities
  • Groups of LinkedIn

In addition, these groups are highly segmented by subject so it is more likely the will be interested in the content value that you offer them, which can increase your CTR call to action.

Achieving leads

If you have a site focused on sales, leads are an essential part of the funnel .Having well qualified leads is essential and of great value.

You can make a Spreadlink embedded referred to a landing page, or an e-book for lead generation and targeted leads.

Subscriber growth

One of the mistakes that most bloggers and references that already have long on this, regret is not to have given importance to the achievement of subscribers at the beginning of your blog. Subscribers to a blog or any website are the basis of most valuable data that exists.

So a good way to increase your number of subscribers is to create a “lead magnet” or free content so that the user can download in exchange for leaving your data. You can create a spreadlink based on the landing page of your product.

Monetize with SpreadIt!

If you are an affiliate of a product, you can find good articles about that product and put your affiliate link. Share this content in forums, communities and groups that are closely related to what you want to sell. You may display any headline to convince them to buy the product through your affiliate link.

Other aspects of

While in this post I wanted you to discover how to get free web traffic for your site using content curation (do not miss this article about Feedly) rather than make a tutorial on the tool, there are some aspects that I want to tell.

Using the tool FREEmium

You can use the free tool perfectly. It has some limitations compared to the paid version, mostly about numbers of clicks. But to start using the free version is more than enough.

With the free version, clicks on your link are limited to 1,000 per month, a figure that gives you a wide range of interactions.

You still can “customize” your label design, but default settings were widelly tested by Vitaly from, SpreadIt cofounder and well known growth hacker, and works more than fine.

Using the payed tool

If you want to try payment functionality, you can do it on free account (up to 1000 clicks per month)!