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How Get Spread IT works?

Get Spread IT is not just URL Shortener. It’s more advance tool for driving traffic either to other websites or back to you own website. It’s even more powerful because you can use it without your own content and nobody can block your advertisers on them! 

Getting started is pretty easy. Just log in, choose website you want to spread and create the Spread Link in a few steps.

 Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you to start. 

First – this is our URL Shortener website: This is the short version of our full page: Get Spread IT where you will find so more information about the app.

create a short url

In the upper right corner, you will find the Log In link. If you want to change the language, you can do it by clicking the link in the right down corner. You have the possibility to log in by using email or Facebook. Which one to use is up to you.

get spread it

Now we are in the Dashboard. Here you’ll find all the information you need: numbers of SpreadLinks (your special short links with your ad), numbers of views your links in last 30 days and number of click to your ad. You can see also statistics of views and clicks from last 30 days and information about your plan and payment.

You can start by clicking + Create New Spread Link.

get spread it

Here is the Manage Spread Links page. On the screen, you can see how to create new links. On the Website Url position, you must add the link of the website you want to share and add the advertising on. On this example, we choose our blog. Then select the Spread Link type (template of your ad). On the Content position you can write whatever you want – this is the content of your advertising. Then write the text of your Link. Next, you can add the link to your website/blog/anything you want to link to. In the end, you can choose the background color and text color. Click button CREATE and your Spread Link will be ready.

get spread it

And here we are! Your Spread Link is ready to copy or to share by using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

get spread it

Here is the result of our Spread Link:

get spread it

Do you like it? Create a FREE ACCOUNT and start to Spread your Links!