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Get Spread IT tutorial: how to increase traffic to your website

Get Spread IT is a content curation tool that provides additional value to your social media channel because of the possibility to paste call to action to links you share. What is the call to action? It works just as it sounds, it tells someone to do something. A call to action or Call to Action (CTA) is a visual resource to a text or image, converting a user to perform an immediate action.

On the Internet, you can find countless examples because they are an essential element in any online marketing campaign. These are quite common: “Download”, “Join Now”, “Sign up” buttons etc. You must have met them many times. An important fact is that Get Spread IT has a free license package, that allows you to get quite most out of the tool, and test it on your audience for virtually free. In fact, sharing links with a call to action enables us to leverage our activity on social networks to connect with our audience in a super stylish way since these links (which you share anyway) now became spreadlinks with extended power.

Personally, we can identify three clear strategies for using Get Spread IT:

1 ­ Increase traffic to your website

My advice is that you design a call to action that is suggestive and especially make sense in the context of the information you are sharing. If you do it right, a percentage of users visiting the primary link will end up visiting your website.

2 ­ Getting subscribers offering a lead magnet

Do not panic at the lead magnet. The marketers have a habit of inventing words that sound odd and complicated, but the concept is simple. This is a free content, which you offer to your visitors, and in exchange, they will give up their personal data. If you want to see an example of a lead magnet, think about „sign up to the newsletter to receive our fresh report”, or similar. You got the idea, right?

Everything that has some value to your audience can be exchanged for their personal data – mostly email address. That’s a clear win­win, they have their content, and you have an opportunity to contact them every time you need to manage something (or sale).

3 ­ Share other related links with the primary content

I am among those who think that the most important social networks like Twitter are designed to bring value to your community. Therefore, a more interesting use of Get Spread IT is to incorporate some additional content related to the news or the main source.

Some notable features of Get Spread IT are as follows:

  • General and enhanced Statistics (you know, the primary link + call to action visibility. Shows you, what is your conversion rate). It’s worth a lot because you can see what spreadlink has caused most impact by the number of clicks and conversion rate (number of times they have interacted with your call to action)
  • Customize the call to action (on the free license you have full options too)

These are just 3 possibilities, but their real number is countless. If you have some good idea you’d like to share with us, feel free to comment!