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Best URL Shortener

Best URL Shortener

Nowadays, there is increasingly common to use URL Shorteners. It happens because of the great explosion of social networks, where it is more and more important to use the few characters who have to make a publication. In this article, we present a list of The Best URL Shortener.

For sure you heard about a URL shortener. If not, here is an explaining what it is. URL Shortener is a tool that allows you to attach links in the smallest possible space. It is useful for example on Twitter, where you have to use only 140 characters to explain your idea. That’s why URL Shortener is so important to share content or news in social media.

The URL Shortener’s world is very extensive. As probably you know the app like, you should also know that is not the only one. There are so many possibilities, different from each other and with many advantages that are interesting.

The list of the Best URL Shortener

It is the most famous by all. As a tool, Bitly offers you to see the traffic in real-time. You can see a complete analysis of data from your links. A nice possibility in is that you can customize your short link and share it in a very easy way.

get spread it

It is the main URL shortener of Google. You don’t need to register to use it. A good addition is the very nice analytical system, also in real-time – it displays for hours, days, weeks or months data. The analytical monitoring shows you the number of people who opened your short link and from where agreed to enlace. It is fast and safe. It can be used by extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

get spread it is simple and very popular. It belongs to Hootsuite, so you can access the shortener from the application and from their website. To use it you must login or to make a captcha. That tool allows has easy report generator. You can share your shortlink or retweet links instantly.

get spread it

TinyURL is one of the most famous URL Shortener. It enables a preview which allows you to get the actual url previously as prior to heading to this web step. You can customize your short links and create URL for web or mobile.

get spread it


GetSpread.IT is not a typical URL Shortener. It is more advance tool for driving traffic either to other websites or back to you own website. Get Spread IT is the Start Up that lets you add an advertising on the content you share. So you can increase traffic to your website – just by sharing interesting blog or news link. It has an analysis of views and clicks.

Do you want to know how does it work – here is the guide for you how to use our Get Spread IT.

As a Start Up, Get Spread IT is still improving, so you can looking forward to the new ads templates or customize shortlinks.

Best URL Shortener

URL shorteners are very interesting value to your company. You can use them in your social network or just to share content with added advertisement. We hope you will find the perfect URL Shortener that suits your needs.