Display free ads on any website you share!

Get Spread IT is an easy to use and innovate application that lets you create free advertising with CTA button and put it on the web you share by using our shortlink. Take a look at ready example.

How it works

Choose target website

Find the link to any website you'd like to share to your audience. For example, it might be new article on authority website, blog post, or anything else. You don't have to be associated with that website at all.

Create Spread Link

Choose how you want to convert visitors from that website by ours ads - you can use plenty of our templates: it can be pop-up, top or bottom bar, cloud in the corner etc. and customize it. Create your headliner and CTA linked to your landing page.

Spread it!

Now you can share your Spread Link on every channel you want - social media, mail, cpc. Your choice. Now every person who clicks that link will see your ads on target website.

Look how cool it is!

You can see results of your actions. By checking stats you'll see number of views and clicks and when your visitors are most interested on your ad.

Why should you use Get Spread IT

Increase traffic on your website

By using our short links with the special ad you can gain traffic to your own website. The only thing you must do is adding link with CTA.

Ad on any website you share

Create Spread Link on any website with dedicated advertising and share it with your audience. Up to 1000 clicks your ads are for free!

Nice-looking short links

That's the Internet Law - shorter is better. Our links are short and look very nice: gspr.it/L747QN See? Now let's create a new one - your own!

Enhance your brand's visibility

If you're sharing other websites content, e.g. on Facebook, then why not to put your brand on it? Show your brand everywhere you want and you can be sure that your audience will notice you!

Promoting your blog posts

Are you a freelancer? Blogger? Do you want to increase your Page Views? Here is the tool that'll let you improve your visibility. Just put on your ad the link to your latest blog post.

Nice analysis

It is useful if you wonder how many users saw the ad or how many of them click and went to your web. Easy and readable.

Get Spread IT has forever free plan

Check out its features and if you don't exceed a free plan limit,
you can use it as long as you want!

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These are examples of widgets you can use in your ads

Bottom bar

Ad on the bottom of the website

Top bar

Ad on the top of the website


Ad on the cloud in the corner

Pop up

Ad inside a popup

Pricing Table

  • $0 per month
  • up to 1000 views/month
  • unlimited number of links
  • email support
  • $54 per month
  • up to 20 000 views/month
  • unlimited number of links
  • full support
  • $74 per month
  • up to 50 000 views/month
  • unlimited number of links
  • full support

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Get Spread IT is not just URL Shortener. It’s more advance tool for driving traffic either to other websites or back to you own website. It’s even more powerful because you can use it without your own content and nobody can block your advertisers on them! Getting started is pretty easy. Just log in, choose website you want to spread and create the Spread Link in a few steps.

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